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New Noise

We are in the New Noise mag. As a band to watch. Cheers!


Clip clip clip clip clip cl….

Free Shipping on Heartbeat

It’s Disquaire Day :

1) Get our vinyl with free shipping until 30th Apr.

2) Profit !!!


French review in the Poly magazine, with our beloved Pauwels. Huge!

It’s always tease tease tease

Clip will be coming soon… True love. Eat it. Spread it.

Radio goo goo

with Pauwels this time, about their release, our release, and our really close tour in France.

Cranes Records Compilation

A one-track version of Heartbeat is in Cranes Records 1st birthday compilation. It’s a really good french label. The compilation is 100% made in France. Enjoy! And HB!