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Another vid!

It’s from our release party this time. At the CEEAC, an art gallery in Strasbourg. And yeah it’s a new song. Codename : Autobahn.



Taken at the Decibulles Festival.

Thanks to Green Valley (again)

Heartbeat I & II

Remember when we join the Collectif Kim? We made gig and stuff? We recorded some live footage with an old VHS camera. So we made a little video clip of two of our new songs. The audio quality is not that good but you got a peek of what we’ll got for you all. Enjoy!

Maybe you missed that…

But there is a live-from-a-cave video for Track 0001, directed again by the great Olivier Ramberti. It’s a bit old but still good. Oh don’t watch it if you suffer from epileptic seizures.