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It’s been 3 years we didn’t play there. It’s gonna be awesome ’cause it’s our label launch party. YEAH.

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French review in the Poly magazine, with our beloved Pauwels. Huge!

Tour Vid

Here it is, thanks to Clément of Scène de Bain.

We’re back!

Back from our little tour with Pauwels, and it was really huge, and exhausting in a good way. Now we are heading towards the future, my son…

The news : we just get into a small distribution called Press Eject And Give Me Tape, with other great bands from Africantape, Kythibong and some cool autoproduction (like our friends PAUWELS and 100%CHEVALIER). Sounds great!

Wait for the tour pics, they are coming soon. We even might have some vids too.

Radio goo goo

with Pauwels this time, about their release, our release, and our really close tour in France.

Pauwels #1 is out!

Beloved friends Pauwels just released their first EP. It’s called #1, it’s great and you can hear it right now :