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A Cornucopia Of Delights For The Discerning Peruser

It just landed! And it’s great!

Nanananananana! Review!

A huge fantastic review by a french vinyl lover! Written with guts!

We’re so decadent

A fresh review by the german blog Psychorizon. She seems to like our condoms =).

Thanks Katarina!

A review that celebrates itself

A Brazilian review, by the blog that celebrates itself. We didn”t get it all (beside the short interview) but we understood that it’s quite positive. Thanks!


Some noise in…

French review this time!

Thanks to Noyzin :

Hear the sirens sound

A first, little, but very nice, review.

HEARTBEAT 12″ is a KILLER EP without a doubt as it rock on seriously loud level. Sound like they’ve also taken a much more solid underground approach on this one with plenty of distortions. LOVE IT.

Via TheSirensSound


Yeah another one :

Thanks a lot!