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Radio cast killed no one.

Sorry it’s in french only, but it was so funny we thought it’s a good idea to share it with you, in case you missed it.

Three Imaginary Girls

A quick review by the Seattle based blog Three Imaginary Girls, with two other bands. They liked us! We just have to make some effort in English =).

The Cut : U.L.T.R.A B-Side

Here it is! Thanks to Feö & The Pirates, Psypod and Aalik. Some other remixes will come soon!


We made a awful version of Plus Guest’s Find My Place.

So they made their own version of our album artwork.

U.L.T.R.A B-Side / Remixes

June 11th. Remember the date. We’ll release the 7th track of our EP. Yes we recorded 7 tracks, not 6. Yes we are naughty boys and girls. But you’ll get it with some cool remixes. Check the facebook event to get more informations .

First international review!

And it’s in German. We understand it’s pretty positive but if someone could translate it, it would be really great. Our german is kind of limited =(.
Anyway it’s on Schallgrenzen!




Okay. We finally get back the album tracks, so we can say it loud and clear : who wants to remix one of our song?

Send us a mail, facebook ustweet us, or leave a comment if you are interessted.